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Configure Seam Mail

From time to time we have need to send an e-mail from application. This task should not be so complicated, but if you do it for the first time you can get some troubles and it can take you some time. Because of that I will try to explain how you can configure it correctly.

Maven and seam project on tomcat

One of my first web projects with Java was a seam project running on the tomcat. At a time when we worked on this project (in 2009) there was not lots of advice how to properly configured seam to runs on tomcat using maven. Also manufacturer recommend using of JBoss and Tomcat is only recommend as testing platform.

Some days ago I have chatted with my colleague about configuring seam framework on the JBoss, and of course on the net you can find a lot advices and instructions, what not surprise me, because this is recommended choice by manufacturer. But that encourage me to research a net one more time and check is situation with tomcat changed after two years. But on my surprise, the list of useful posts with this topic is not much increased by the time when we used tomcat and seam.