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Restart ALSA driver on OpenSuse

From time to time it can happens that your sound driver stops to work completely or just for some application.

In this case you need to restart your ALSA driver. Here you can see how you can do it on OpenSuse:
start terminal and type cd /etc/init.d/sudo ./alsasound restart
After this your driver are restarted and you are ready to continue with your works ;).

Simple Workflow Engine With Spring

Few months ago, during working on one of the company project, we had need to developed  REST services which is used for sending an email depending on data sent by client application. During developing this service we decide to create simple workflow engine which will be charged for sending an email, but also this engine can be used for any kind of simple flows. In this article i will explain step by step how you can implement your simple workflow engine which can handle sequence flow.