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Swiping Slides On Mobile

These days working on our current project was very interesting. Creating a web page for mobile devices is not so easy task. Getting page to work on all platforms can be fun, interesting and in some moments a hard task. It is like making page to works with IE 6 :).
We already have templates which works in mobile, and support both (landscape and portrait) page orientation. But for the first time we were supposed to implement more complicated logic in our mobile sites. We got a task to create "coverflow". We were supposed to create slides and allow user to swipes them.

How to scroll on top of iframe on mobile

On my current project we had requirement to provide mechanism for include foreign content in web page (it can be page from same domain or page from foreign domain) for mobile devices. We already had solution for desktop browser and only we should to port it for mobile. For this purpose for the desktop browser we used iframes and we wanted to do same for mobile. Here stuff have become a little bit tricky.