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Alphabets Conversion

In one of company's last projects we supposed to implemented support for usage of Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. This could sounds like an easy task, the Java have a real good support for the multi language application, but what is with languages which have multiple alphabets.
When I said supporting more alphabets, I mean on possibility of choosing between different keybord layouts, not only on showing messages from different properties files, also content saved in database should be transformed from one to other alphabet.
To accomplish these requirements, we made few decisions. We've decided to save data in Latin form and then transform it in Cyrillic if it is needed. This also mean that complete input from user side will be transformed to latin alphabet.
I've almost forgot to mention technologies used in this project. It is a web application, devloped with next technologies:

JSP + Servlet for front endSpring + Hibernate as backendand it is running on Tomcat 6